universal management model and uncompromising orientation on details is what makes Kaufmann a very competitive player in a fast-paced consulting sphere.
— Tamar Japaridze, PMCG, Executive Director
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change management

In order to succeed, we must have an intimate understanding of the human side of change management — the alignment of the company’s culture, values, people, and behaviors — to encourage the desired results. Plans themselves do not capture value; value is realized only through the sustained, collective actions of employees who are responsible for designing, executing, and living with the changed environment.

transformation management

Concentrating on long-term transformation strategies we need to have a very particular vision of the future - understanding trends of the trends. Realizing real challenges businesses will have in upcoming years is what defines successful transformations, but it requires a very far-reaching research and analysis. We do not encourage intuitive decisions, only science-based.

A company specialized in roughly everything they take on. Kaufmann developed and implemented our business sector transition plan, from HVAC to MEP, which is a very particular and complex process for a business in our industry.
— Irakli Kukuladze, CEO, JSC Terma

export development

As a member of Institute of Export & International Trade we provide tailored export development services, from preliminary diagnostics - identifying current capacity and providing capacity building recommendations - to market analysis and trade arrangements.

business ADvice

Kaufmann is an official advisory service provider for EBRD BAS program supporting small and medium size enterprises in terms of marketing, strategy and organizational development since April, 2018. Click on a logo above to inquire more about the program and eligibility criteria.

A multi-purpose company specialized in business development, strategic consulting and startups exhibiting highest degree of competence and professionalism
— Rusudan Telia, CEO, ACT - Analysis and Consulting Team