Established in early 2018 by a group of award winning cgi, vfx, animation and design team. we thrive to deliver positive philosophy to animation industry globally. our values have impact on our work, as we create more than just graphics.

our team has received multiple awards, including gold in print category at young lions georgia, silver in film category, bronze in visual effects, bronze in art direction and numerous nominations at Kyiv International Advertising Festival.

Photography courtesy of  WATERMARK  protected by copyright law

Photography courtesy of WATERMARK protected by copyright law


established and co-founded in june, 2017 primarily focusing on stock photography, Today we are official contributors at shutterstock, adobestock, pond5, and dreamstime with over 1000 different types of media, including 4k footages, thus selling to global consumers on a daily basis.

we've also developed multiple photo services for local market, such as product 360 degree photography, food photography, live virtual reality broadcast, aerial videography and more. growing steadily to finance our own cinematography aspirations.



founded in 2012 by two friends interested in building a digital marketing agency. throughout several years we served major organizations in georgia developing and managing digital campaigns and social media platforms.

in 2017 we've been awarded an exclusive contract by usaid zrda project in georgia, providing marketing and branding services supporting agricultural cooperatives.

since acquired by kaufmann and partnering two brightest tech minds in 2018 we've been undergoing transformation process, transitioning into web technology and saas business.